About the Project

'Days Away From Home' documents on the web some of the stories of Syrians away from their home. Hundreds and thousands of them have fled their country, reported in the news as mere statistics. Behind those staggering numbers, however, stand the women, men and children, whose recounts have remained untold.

This web-documentary is a tribute to the Syrian people who have shown a strong will to cope and an admirable resilience often despite considerable material and human losses. Today the lives of these refugees seem austere and their horizon barren. We have captured them in short videos and photo essays to reveal to you these people’s precious testimonies. The videos bring to light the daily life of one family. A high cost of living, children’s education at risk and bleak job prospects are some of the countless obstacles the family strives to overcome. Photo essays, on the other hand, document a day in the life of various other Syrians who try to manage a career path despite their initial struggle to stay alive.

The project is part of a larger partnership between the European Union and UNHCR. Since July 2012, the two entities have been working together not only to support Syrians to survive the horrors of their lives as refugees but also to provide for the Lebanese communities hosting them. This partnership recognizes Lebanon’s generosity and aims to help Lebanese communities address the challenges of sharing the little they have with vulnerable refugee families. So far, UNHCR and the EU, managed to help public schools absorb more students, and bolstered the efforts of municipalities and NGOs by improving the basic infrastructure in some Lebanese communities.

'Days Away From Home' is produced by Batoota Films, a Beirut-based production company specializing in web content, with a track record in TV production and humanitarian programming. Batoota Films is the producer and creator of Emmy Award winning Shankaboot, the world’s first Arabic web series. The company has collaborated around the world with various renowned media, earning several other distinguished awards.

Batoota Films Production Team:

Katia Saleh

Julie Boutros

Ziad Chahoud

Victor Bresse
Ramzi Madi
Lebanese Underground Studios

Nicolas Cardahi
Cyril Aris
Christian Bitsch

Kristian Buus
Christian Bitsch

Mohammad Khayata

Abed Qassem
Amr Khito
Roshaq Ahmad
Ziad Kalthoum

Lara Rabah

Amjad Hajou

Rabih Abou El Hosn

War Child Holland
Mohammad Shamel School
Ministry of Social Affairs
Directorate of Orientation – Lebanese Army
Tania Saleh 
Ghassan Maasri